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ERES nv is a trading company in bitumen and bituminous products such as emulsions and cut-backs. Established in Europe, ERES nv is focused on the West African market. ERES nv is an integrated supplier, purchasing, transporting, and distributing first class bitumen from refineries to worksite. With its network of ships, barges, terminals, containers and tank trailers, ERES nv covers the entire logistical process. For over 20 years, ERES nv has been the market leader in door-to-door delivery of bitumen in West Africa.

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Reliable partner

Reliable partner Reliable partner Reliable partner

ERES nv is unique in that it offers an all-inclusive solution. With headquarters in Europe and an experience of more than twenty years in Africa, ERES nv guarantees far-reaching expertise and diligence to its customers. All processes and orders are monitored by a specialized team in the European headquarters. Thanks to its unique position as trading house with physical stock on the West African continent, ERES nv guarantees quick and smooth delivery without interruptions. ERES nv is your reliable partner in bitumen delivery.

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Total solution, in every detail

ERES nv provides an all-inclusive solution with regards to the product, logistics and technical services for the complete journey between the refinery and the processing at the worksite. ERES nv operates its own fleet of vessels and trucks and operates large multi-product storage depots on the African continent. Consequently, we offer customised solutions for any volume and for every destination. Our total service includes the loan of equipment, such as storage containers and pumps on site, to assure our customers of timely supplies. Our qualified technicians assist in the installation of the customer's bitumen processing plant, and instruct their personnel in handling the bitumen. Experienced engineers, backed by well-equipped laboratories, share their knowledge to help customers with specific quality requirements. ERES nv – the right choice for an experienced partner offering proven solutions.